"Spread the Love" Billboard Program - we are currently fundraising to put up three billboards with information about Suicide Prevention with the Suicide Prevention hotline numbers, near major airports in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New Jersey. With your help through funding we hope to keep the billboards up permanently. Learn more by following this link:


Love Sami Organization supports the wonderful work that Tomorrow's Rainbow provides for those dealing with grief: Horse Therapy Programs

To learn more check out their website:




Being able to experience the wonder and joy of being immersed in the ocean is extremely healing. Due to sponsor, Scuba Lessons Inc., Love Sami is able to provide suicide survivors the opportunity to discover diving and ocean related activities, such as paddle boarding or marine life experiences. www.ScubaLessonsInc.com

To learn more about participating in this program contact us at info@lovesami.org


Through the kindness and support of sponsor, Dade City Wild Things, in Dade City, Florida, Love Sami Organization will arrange for family and friends of suicide survivors to visit this amazing, one of a kind wildlife sanctuary, where participants will be able to interact with the animals at the establishment. It has been shown that individuals suffering from grief experience happiness when spending time with animals, hence, animal therapy. Through the donations Love Sami receives, the organization is able to provide these experiences to individuals dealing with grief, with the hopes that this will help in their healing journey. To learn more to participate in the program, send an email to infolovesamiorg@yahoo.com